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Protection net, PA 4cm 1,5mm green machine-made

Protection net, PA 4cm 1,5mm green machine-made

Protection nets' measurement and structure are always made the most suitable method regarding to the actual area.

Basically we provide a wire rope coated with PVC above, braided rope at sideways and bottom in case of perfect stabilization. Therefore setting up is very simple, the wire rope just needed to be outspread and that will hold the entire net.

The PA (Poliamid) make with a 4cm hole size and a 1,5mm twine thickness is mostly used as a birdprotector net.

Naturaly as manufacturer we can provide various make. If you are looking for an another whole size or commodity please go to "Protection nets" option!

If you are intrested, please fill the Netcalculator, where you can give your specifications!

Minimal purchising quantity: 1m2


up to 50.000 HUF+VAT: 800 HUF/m2+VAT

up to 500.000 HUF+VAT: 700 HUF/m2+VAT